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Attachments: 3-Point Rear Blade

Quick Blade™

3-Point Rear Blade
Models: TB78 TB96

Our landscape blades are designed for maximum performance with minimum down time.


  • Category I & II: 30 - 75 HP tractors
  • Adjustable forward and backfill angles provide superior blade control
  • Versatile 1/2” x 6” reversible, replaceable cutting edge for easy maintenance
  • Sturdy 5/16” moldboard has a full curve for smooth material flow
  • ASAE quick-hitch compatible (optional)

The 3-Point Rear Blade is designed for maximum performance with minimum downtime. Durable, formed moldboards are curved for rigidity and strength. Adjustable blades allow you to adjust the tilt and angle to match the job. Whether it’s landscape grading, construction cleanup, or snow removal, rely on our grading blades for years of performance and durability.


Model TB78 TB96
Part Number 920062 920064
Weight 551 lb. 605 lb.
Working Width 78” 96”
Angling 15º increments 15º increments
Angling Positions 18 (9 in front/rear) 18 (9 in front/rear)
Tilting Positions (30º each way) 5 total (15º increments) 5 total (15º increments)
Pivot Arm to Offset to Left/Right 4", 7", 11", & 18" offset each side 4", 7", 11", & 18" offset each side
Tractor Power Rating 30-75 HP 30-75 HP
Moldboard Height 18" 18"
Moldboard Thickness 5/16" 5/16"
Hitch Category Cat. I & II Cat. I & II
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