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Super Seeder™

Landscape Seeder (900812) (1450 lbs.)

Our bi-directional seeder is built to handle all turf and landscape seeds.


  • Front rollers crush lumps, press down small stones, and form a firm seedbed
  • 3-point hitch for tractors and mounting plate for skid steers
  • Notched rollers place most of the seed at a depth of 1/2”
  • Sight glass in the seed box gives the operator a view of the seed level
  • Unique agitator brake system that eliminates unwanted seed loss while the seeder is not in contact with the ground

The Landscape Seeder is built to handle all turf and landscape seeds. Grass seed is a very expensive commodity. Notched rollers properly place the grass seed in the top 1/2” of a properly prepared seedbed, resulting in maximum seed germination. Seedbed is left smooth and firm with small stones pressed down. Because of this precision placement seeding rates can be reduced up to half of the rates previously used.


Model Landscape Seeder
Part Number 900812
Overall Width 88”
Overall Height 34.5”
Seeding Width 72”
Opening Spacer 3”
Hopper Capacity 5.75 bushels
Approximate Weight 1,400 lb.
Acre Meter Package

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  • Acre Meter Package (317748)

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