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Attachments: Multi-Purpose Grapple

Versa Grab™

Multi-Purpose Grapple
Models: MG180 MG360

This multipurpose grapple is great for moving trees, boulders and large wood piles.


  • Rugged, heavy-duty design
  • Rigid quality control during manufacturing ensures greater reliability
  • Powder coated finish for best protection and appearance
  • 38” wide opening
  • Manual 180° rotation (90° both directions)
  • Optional 360° continuous hydraulic rotation (Model MG360)

Boost productivity – great for moving trees, boulders and large wood piles. With the Multipurpose Grapple, trees and debris can be delicately removed, repositioned, or loaded without damaging the surrounding landscape.


Model MG180 MG360
Part Number 900801 900802
Overall Length 46” 48”
Overall Width 48” 48”
Overall Height 40” 41”
Total Weight 477 lb. 470 lb.
Boom Lift Capacity 1,500 lb. 1,500 lb.
Grapple Rotation 180° spring centered 360° continuous hydraulic
Grapple Opening 3” - 38” 3” - 38”
Factory Installed Couplers

Product Video

360 View

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