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Tree Jack™

Tree Spade
Models: Model 3S Model 4S

Turn your skid loader into a high-speed, labor-saving transplanting unit.


  • Tree Spade comes complete and ready to use, including all-hydraulic hoses, couplers, and controls
  • Good for transplanting hardwood trees to 2 1/2” diameter and evergreens to 3”
  • Three steel cutting blades are 3/8” thick
  • Adjustable control valve stand
  • All joints outfitted with grease fittings
  • Removable blades for easy sharpening
  • Short frame design for increased down-pressure reducing the need for rear stabilizers

Turn your skid loader into a high-speed, labor-saving transplanting unit. A tree can be dug or transplanted without the operator having to leave the loader. Spade is designed with a very short frame reducing the need for stabilizers and counterweights. The blades of the tree spade overlap to ensure clean root cutting and support of the root ball.


Model 3S 4S
Part Number 901165 901166
Tree Size (Evergreen) 3” 4”
Tree Size (Hardwood) 2.5” 3”
Root Ball Diameter 30” 40”
Root Ball Depth 29” 30”
Blade Angle 25° 25°
Number of Blades 3 4
Blade Thickness 3/8” A36 Steel 1/4” Grade 50 Steel
Slides Steel Steel
Blade Truncation Semi Full
Outside Towers Swing Open Yes Yes
Operator Controls Hydraulic Hydraulic
Hydraulic Flow 5-25 GPM @ 2,500 psi 5-25 GPM @ 2,500 psi
Hydraulic Remotes 1 1
Shipping Weight 1,500 lb. 1,900 lb.
Weight with Root Ball 2,000 lb. 3,100 lb.
Width (Bottom / Top) 46” / 84” 62” / 78”
Length (Bottom / Top) 52” / 76” 61” / 76”
External Control (wired)
External Control (wireless)
Factory Installed Couplers

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